Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dominique Doll Contest 2013

Dominique Doll Mascot Contest 2013
~ Happy 11th Birthday DominoART ~
I enjoyed joining in again with this contest. 
Creating a Dominique Mascot is so much fun.
She is showing off her talents of playing cards
perhaps she will stop off in Vegas, while
on her trip to California,
if she is lucky enough to win the contest.
Her passport is close by, attached to her dress.



Friday, 12 April 2013

Alice in Wonderland Dom Book # 2

My entry into the DominoART Challenge #2
Rick St Dennis - Alice in Wonderland - Domino Book
Thank you to my Mom -
for giving me these wonderful images as a gift -
I was delighted as I was able to join in this challenge.
I have a special treat for you today, as when I was
creating mine, my 6 year old son Daniel (Leigh's Nephew)
also wanted to make one of his own. 
Please take a look at his project below mine
 ~ * ~
 I decided to theme my book in purples
 as that Leigh's favorite colour and birth stone,
 and as it was Alice I couldn't resist.
~ Woohoo so excited, received a Top 3 mention
thanks Leigh ~

Supplies Used :
2 x standard dominos
I coloured the digi kit images in pencil crayons
tide together with purple/lilac fibre
I edged the dominos using the self adhesive spotted ribbion
If you would like to take part in the challenge then click HERE

Alice in Wonderland Domino Book

DominoART Challenge #2
Rick St Dennis - Alice in Wonderland - Domino Book

My 6 year old son Daniel (Leigh's Nephew)
very own Domino book creation

Drum roll please............ I'm very proud of this artwork
He did all his own colouring in and choice of colours.
All I did was to help with gluing the ribbon and paper to
the dominos.