Friday, 12 April 2013

Alice in Wonderland Dom Book # 2

My entry into the DominoART Challenge #2
Rick St Dennis - Alice in Wonderland - Domino Book
Thank you to my Mom -
for giving me these wonderful images as a gift -
I was delighted as I was able to join in this challenge.
I have a special treat for you today, as when I was
creating mine, my 6 year old son Daniel (Leigh's Nephew)
also wanted to make one of his own. 
Please take a look at his project below mine
 ~ * ~
 I decided to theme my book in purples
 as that Leigh's favorite colour and birth stone,
 and as it was Alice I couldn't resist.
~ Woohoo so excited, received a Top 3 mention
thanks Leigh ~

Supplies Used :
2 x standard dominos
I coloured the digi kit images in pencil crayons
tide together with purple/lilac fibre
I edged the dominos using the self adhesive spotted ribbion
If you would like to take part in the challenge then click HERE


  1. A really lovely domino Book beautiful colours

  2. Love the purple you have going on here.

  3. Thank you Char. I just knew it had to be purple :-0)

  4. Wonderful dom the colouring!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your Alice Domino Book Sissypoo :0) Of course I'm totally loving the purple colour scheme heehee! I'm so happy that you and Daniel both played in DominoART's current challenge ;0) Hope you both come and play again!!

  6. Wow this book so rocks! Amazing detail you have done here! Lots of tedious work, that paid off! It's beautiful I just love this!