Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dominique Doll Contest 2013

Dominique Doll Mascot Contest 2013
~ Happy 11th Birthday DominoART ~
I enjoyed joining in again with this contest. 
Creating a Dominique Mascot is so much fun.
She is showing off her talents of playing cards
perhaps she will stop off in Vegas, while
on her trip to California,
if she is lucky enough to win the contest.
Her passport is close by, attached to her dress.




  1. Oh Paula...your domino doll is awesome. I'm so glad that someone else entered the mascot challenge...thought I was going to have the only entries. I have a steampunk assemblage I am entering tomorrow. Just need to get some photos. Good Luck!


  2. Your Domino Doll looks wonderful!

  3. Lovely Doll. Love the hair piece.

  4. wonderful project ..beautiful doll good luck

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. I enjoyed creating her. We did though have a well deserved win by Wendy. Congrats.