Monday, 30 April 2012

Magnetic Summer

Magnetic Travel Dart Board

~ Featured Winner October 2005 Issue ~
Stampers Mall Magazine


Create Stand using strong cardstock (I already had corrugated cardstock in this shape)

Covered plain brown cardstock with the colour seashell inkpad by dabbing all over until whole surface until covered – this has given the background a metallic look.

On plain white paper rubber stamp travel college.Then dab on decorative chalks creating your desired effect.Edge page with black Sharpie.Adhere to base with double sided sticky tape.Decorate with beads.

Place 2 medium size gold brads in top left corner and bottom right corner

Stick letter beads to mini rectangle cardstock and adhere to base using Aleene’s glue.Place coloured bead for decoration.Randomly decorate with wording by K&C Company.

Adhere black cord around edge of game using Aleene’s glue

Back of Game:

Cut out black cardstock about ½ inch smaller than the game board.Adhere using 4 mini brads.Placing 1 in each corner.The word Score board is spelt using the gold peel off lettering.

Draw in lines using Liquid Silver – Fine Line marker 

A Piece of a Puzzle

Puzzled Cats - Wall Hanging

To start this project ink up your 3 large puzzle pieces (Toddler size age 2 – 4) with Brilliance Pigment Ink – Twilight. (Puzzle pieces were purchased from my local jumble sale). Dab the inkpad over the puzzle pieces a few times to cover the surface. Once you have achieved your desired effect you can then stamp your individual images onto the pieces using coal black Ancient Page dye ink (ClearSnap). The cat stamps I used :- 1st name and source unknown : 2nd Kitty Love from All Night Media : 3rd from The Stamp Studio
Next outline the puzzle pieces and then turn over and color over the original puzzle picture using a silver marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line).
To give the cat images the gloss effect I used Hi-Tack 3D Crystal Lacquer, gently cover over your images and place to one side to dry. While they are drying you can move onto decorating your dominoes.
Stamp your word onto the domino (standard size 2” x 1”) using coal black Ancient Page dye ink (ClearSnap) and emboss with ultra clear embossing powder and heat set.

Cut both the lilac ribbon and the chain rainbow/purple ribbon to 11 inches in length. Purchased from local craft store. Glue the chain ribbon to the lilac ribbon and then glue one end around the metal hook using Aleen’s tacky glue.
Cut the chain purple ribbon - 2 lengths of 6 inches each and glue around edge of dominoes. Once 3D Crystal Lacquer is dry adhere the puzzle pieces and dominoes to the ribbon using Aleen’s tacky glue.
Use various rhinestones of co-coordinating colors to decorate the corners of both the dominoes and the puzzle pieces.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ides of March

Goddess of Rome

Start your project by “crumpling/scrunch” up your 2 shipping tags. Using 2 different sizes of your choice. Next you need to straighten out your tags, you can do this by ironing over them (project by placing a cloth over the top of your tags). You can now colour the background using Vintage Photo Distress Ink by Jim Holtz.

Using “mineral” Brilliance Pigment Ink pad, ink up your jumbo sized domino and then heat set using your embossing heat tool. Next you can stamp your image direct to your domino, using “coal black”, Ancient Page ink. Immediately after, emboss your image with ultra fine embossing powder and heat set. This creates the water/bubble effect.
Outline domino using a Liquid Gold paint marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line), and embellish with the letter “G” Making Memories page pebble to represent the word Goddess.
Cut out a piece of black cardstock approx 3 mm wider than your domino, outline in gold (using same as above) and then mount domino to the black cardstock, now attach to the bottom right of your largest shipping tag, using Aleen’s tacky glue.
Ink up your images using “coal black”, Ancient Page ink and stamp onto your shipping tags. Images are from Block Heads Greco-Roman Collection 4 (unmounted). Edge tags using black Sharpies marker pen.
The letters are from a young Child’s spelling game (unknown). I coloured in the letters using a black Sharpie marker pen, and glued to the tag using Aleen’s tacky glue.

For added embellishment I attached 1 black button to top of the tags using Aleen’s tacky glue, and then tied the other 2 buttons to the colour co-ordinating fibre.

Blue Silver

Snowflake by Candlelight

Dab checkit lightly onto Brilliance Ink Pad – Tip: create a handle on back of domino using sticky tape, this makes it easier to hold the domino. Once you have inked your checkit heat set using your heat tool. Colour in edges of checkit using your silver paint marker pen
Stick small Silver Star stickers and candle sticker onto checkit
Stick large Silver Star stickers to front edge of each snowflake point
Thread glass beads onto silver/blue fibre : 3 strands to have (blue/clear/blue)
1 to have (blue/clear/purple). Attach to the 3 bottom snowflake points to your own desired lengths
Using your heat glue gun attach bunch of purple glass beads
Make a bow using the snowflake wire ribbon and attach checkit to middle of bow using heat glue gun

Sailing the Seven Seas

Columbus Scroll

I started my project by printing out the old nautical map to form my background. I designed the wording onto the map before printing. This was then glued to a slightly longer piece of paper – approximately 2 inches either end. The extra pieces at the end are to be rolled over to form the scroll effect.
Tear along the top and bottom of your map and then chalk the edges with 2 shades of brown to give your map an old age appearance. To create the brown stain effect on the scroll edges I used Vintage Photo Distress Ink by Jim Holtz. Ink your brayer using the Distress Ink, slightly squirt with water and roll onto paper, repeat to create desired effect. Next you then roll the edge of paper around a stick (and glue) – I used a brown standard sized pencil crayon.
Ink up sailing ship image (unmounted) using “coal black”, Ancient Page ink and stamp onto map. Using a black sharpies marker pen draw in your route .
Stamp compass image onto a chekit using “coal black”, Ancient Page ink and heat set. Outline domino using Liquid Gold paint marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line)
Next step is to decorate map with nautical embellishments: -
- Use packaging string to represent a rope. I coloured it using Distress Ink - same technique as above.
- The fish and net are transfers
- Compass and Chain
- Design beads to own desired effect
- Seashells
- “key to the past” square pre-designed paper
All the above items are glued to the nautical map using Aleen’s Tacky Glue

Shaker Domino

Forever Friends Fridge Magnet

Begin by stamping your image onto a jumbo sized domino, using coal black Ancient Page dye ink (ClearSnap), and then heat set. The girl images used are part of a large stamp from Alma Lynne Designs by Inkadinkado Inc USA.
Color in image using Sharpie pens. Next edge the domino with double-sided adhesive foam mounts to create raised edges. Sprinkle in micro beads and star confetti and then cover over using clear acetate.
Edge the front of the shaker domino by using 3 mm green ribbon. Next, edge the sides using pink/purple eyelash fibre, glue to domino using Aleens glue. For added embellishments glue flower beads to the 4 corners of the domino and attach 3 heart beads to pink/purple eyelash fibre.
Repeat above steps to make your next Shaker Domino Magnet.

Valentine Romance

Bookmarked for Love

Cut out a rectangle shape from black cardstock. Outline the edge of the card using a Liquid Gold paint marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line). Decorate down the centre of the bookmark with a piece of gold chiffon ribbon, adhere using double side sticky tape.
Cut out the bodice using black cardstock and outline using your liquid gold paint marker pen. Randomly glue on metallic confetti hearts, and outline in gold. Trim top and bottom of the bodice using hologram fibre, adhere using Aleen’s tacky glue (local craft store).
Cut out a piece of crinkled gold cardstock for a background to the bodice. Glue to ribbon and black cardstock using Aleen’s tacky glue.

Using Adirondack Inks decorate your 2 tri-ominoes creating the polished stone technique. Outline the tri-ominoes with Liquid Gold paint marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line). I used a 57c postage stamp to decorate the top of the dominoes (but you can use any valentine/romance image of your choice)
Finish off your bookmark by embellishing with co-ordinating fibre, and attaching 1 black and 1 red mini domino. For added decoration I glued on a gold star rhinestone to the red domino and 1 tear drop rhinestone to the top of the bookmark onto the gold ribbon.

It's a Date

Make a square folded card from heart cardstock with the fold at the top. Edge the card using a Liquid Gold paint marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line).
Next, stamp out the boy and girl images directly onto the shiny surface of 2 jumbo sized dominoes. (Boy and Girl stamp is a single stamp, source unknown).
Tip : Only ink the part of the image you want to stamp. Clean the stamp, and then ink the other image using coal black Ancient Page dye ink (Clearsnap).
Heat set images using a heat gun. Once done, you can now colour in your images using Sharpies.
Outline the dominoes using a Liquid Gold paint marker (DecoColor opaque - broad line). Cut out 2 black cardstock pieces approximately 3mm wider than the domino, also outline these in gold – then mount the domino to the card using Aleen’s Tacky Glue (Local craft store). Place the dominoes and black cards in the top right and bottom left corners of the folded heart card and adhere using double sided sticky tape.
Outline 2 heart shaped playing cards (1 king & 1 queen) with the same gold marker pen used on the dominoes. Attach letter brads to the card to represent the initials of the 2 valentines. Attach the heart shaped cards to the cardstock using raised double sized tape.
Ink up the cupid stamp (source unknown) in red and stamp onto the calendar. Then outline the mini calendar in gold and adhere with raised double sided tape.
Adhere gold peel off number stickers (local craft store) to the card to represent the year.

Hanging Christmas Ornament

A Teddy for Christmas

Stamped image onto checkit domino using ancient page black ink – heat set with hot gun
Coloured in stamped image using Sharpies, outlined edge using liquid gold paint marker pen. Glued on bell with hot glue gun.
Glue red and gold ribbon to snowflake, cut out tartan ribbon 5mm wider than checkit. And then glue ribbon and checkit to snowflake.
Thread glass beads onto gold thread to desired lengths and attach to snowflake using hot glue gun.

Halloween Shaker Card

I made this card as part of a team challenge.
We all had to choose a day from the month of October,
and then create, but all keeping to the same size project.
I was day 5 and decided to make mine a
shaker card, filled with Halloween confetti

Cheers to Friendship

Birthday Card made for a Friend

Home for Christmas

A Christmas Card I made for my Mom and Dad

Perfect Pearls

A Birthday Card I made for my Mom

Flying High Eagle

Birthday Card made for my Dad


Fathers Day Card for my Dad

2 Little Kitties

Christmas Card made for my Sister Leigh and Hubby

Christmas Shaker Card

Is Santa Here yet?
This card features my cat Mitten (a kitten at the time)
she was waiting for Santa to come down the chimney.
Couldn't resist taking the photo, as the inspiration for
making this card was flowing

Silk Roses

Mother's Day Card for my wonderful Mom

Indian Chief

Fathers Day Card for my precious Dad

Acerate Flourish

40th Birthday card for a friend

Embossed Maple Leaf

Birthday Card for my Mom



13th Birthday Card for my lovely
niece Chelle-Ann

Bouquet of Flowers

Birthday Card for my very best friend Simone

1st Grading at TaeKwondo

On Friday Daniel had his first grading day at Taekwondo.
He has been going for 3 months now and throughly loves it.
I really don't know who was more excited yesterday, him or me ;-)

He was first up, and went through his moves with such confidence.
I'm so very proud of him standing up there on his own
at only just 5 years old.

Happy Easter 2012

My first "play" project I made using my new software called
Serif Craft Artist
My Mom has ordered the upgrade for me, "Craft Artist Professional".
I'm such a lucky girl can't wait to get my hands on it.. ;-)
as this was so much fun to create.

Friday, 27 April 2012

My Card Creations

Hi Everyone.  I've finally got my act into gear and uploaded
some of the cards I have made using rubber stamps,
over the years for my family & friends

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Blockheads Challenge - Magic Metal Technique Blog Hop

Happy Retirement Card

I decided to make this card for a work colleague who is retiring next
week.  I've worked with Barbara for 10 years.  She started off as my
line manager, then became a good friend.  Over the 10 years she saw
me through the joys of the birth of my son, and the sadness of the
passing of my dearest Dad.

I know she will love this card for it being different to the typical
retirement card.

I will really miss working with her and seeing her around
the office every day. 
Happy Retirement Barbara, enjoy it.....!!

Stamps used : Blockheads Greco-Roman Collection 3

Monday, 9 April 2012

Dominique Doll 2006 - Winner

Spooktacular Domino Doll
As a memeber of the DominoART yahoo Group I was very proud
to be the winner of the 2006 Dominique Doll Mascot Competition

2 x super sized dominoes, 4 x regular sized dominoes, 4 x small dominoes

1 x mini domino, 1 x checkit, 1 x Lollipop stick
Bead wire
Aleen’s Glue
Hot glue gun
DecoColor opaque paint marker Liquid Gold - broad line
Ghosts, pumpkin, witch embellishments by Craftime Ltd (UK Company)
Hair is the tassel off a curtain tie back
Face stamp unknown
Burgundy and gold glass beads
Adirondack Alcohol inks :- wild plum, stream, butterscotch

I already had the checkit on my display shelf.  The stamp is unknown, but it was coloured using Sharpies.   When I was thinking about what and how to create the face of my spooktacular domino doll, I glanced over to my  “inspiration” domino display shelf and knew I just had to use this piece
Stamped dominoes with the Adirondack alcohol inks (polished stone technique)
Outlined dominoes using Liquid Gold marker pen
Arrange beads to create arms and legs
Glue arms and legs to wrong side of domino, then attach front domino to secure
Glue wrong side of 1 super sized domino to lollipop stick, attach arms and legs and then
attached the other super sized domino as body
Glue on neck domino and face checkit domino (for gluing of all dominoes I used my hot glue gun)
Embellish with ghost on body, attach pumpkin to middle of forehead on face/checkit, attach witches and leaves to hair.