Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blue Silver

Snowflake by Candlelight

Dab checkit lightly onto Brilliance Ink Pad – Tip: create a handle on back of domino using sticky tape, this makes it easier to hold the domino. Once you have inked your checkit heat set using your heat tool. Colour in edges of checkit using your silver paint marker pen
Stick small Silver Star stickers and candle sticker onto checkit
Stick large Silver Star stickers to front edge of each snowflake point
Thread glass beads onto silver/blue fibre : 3 strands to have (blue/clear/blue)
1 to have (blue/clear/purple). Attach to the 3 bottom snowflake points to your own desired lengths
Using your heat glue gun attach bunch of purple glass beads
Make a bow using the snowflake wire ribbon and attach checkit to middle of bow using heat glue gun

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